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My SSD Application Was Denied. What Happens Now?

If you are like most Social Security Disability (SSD) applicants, it is likely that you faced a denied claim at some point in the application process. In 2010, only about 35 percent of initial applicants successfully received disability benefits.

While a denied application is disheartening, the good news is that it is not the end of the line. At Alpert & Fellows, our attorneys have helped people in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Sheboygan and throughout northeast Wisconsin appeal denied SSD claims for more than 40 years.

Our understanding lawyers will help you every step of the way, from the initial application process, all the way to appealing your decision in front of an administrative law judge. We are committed to taking the necessary actions to helping you achieve a favorable outcome to your case.

Appealing A Denied Claim

Reconsideration is the first step of appealing a denied SSD claim. This process allows applicants to submit additional information such as medical diagnoses, prescribed treatment and clinical findings, to strengthen their claim. If your claim is still denied after reconsideration, you can request a hearing with an administrative law judge.

Navigating the appeals process and creating a strong argument is challenging. Additionally, there are strict deadlines for filing the necessary paperwork when appealing a denial. It is important to work with an attorney who has an in-depth understanding of SSD benefits and knows what it takes to build a strong case.

Our attorneys have more than 70 years of combined legal experience. We have resolved a number of complex disability cases, and we are ready to bring this in-depth knowledge to your appeal.

Discuss Your Options With Our Attorneys

Don’t settle for denied SSD benefits. Take action to begin the appeals process by scheduling a free consultation with our attorneys. Learn more by calling 866-376-8603 or by completing the contact form on our website.