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Northeast Wisconsin Personal Injury And Social Security Disability Blog

Hazardous property conditions often present outside of businesses

Wisconsin residents may find themselves with injuries caused by dangerous property conditions. This is unacceptable, which is why those who have suffered slip-and-fall accident injuries should consider whether legal action is in their best interests.

Although most people who think of slip-and-fall accidents probably think of spilled liquids in a grocery store, the truth is that premises liability encompasses many other situations. The conditions outside of a residence or building, for example, can pose significant dangers to unsuspecting pedestrians. Icy sidewalks can result in a serious slip-and-fall accident that causes serious injuries, for example. Liability may be imposed in these situations when a property owner knew or should have known that icy sidewalks posed a threat to invitees or that patches of refreezing regularly occurred, thereby posing a risk of harm. Additionally, to succeed on a legal claim, a victim must show that the property owner did nothing to remedy or warn of the situation.

Securing Social Security Disability benefits

Whether it is due to a serious injury in an accident or a diagnosis of a medical condition, living with a debilitating condition can be challenging. This is especially true for those in Wisconsin and elsewhere who are suddenly unable to work because of their disability caused by an injury or illness. Nonetheless, most individuals are aware that Social Security Disability benefits are designed to provide financial assistance in this and other similar situations. However, some people are deterred from even applying for these benefits because many initial applications are denied.

After paying into the Social Security system, it is understandable that applicants are frustrated when they are denied Social Security Disability benefits. At our law firm, we understand that this is a common situation. We are dedicated to helping our clients not only understand their rights, but also to attempt to secure the benefits they are eligible for.

Social Security Disability benefits and compassionate allowances

When Wisconsin residents are hit with a sudden and unexpected medical condition, their finances should be the least of their concerns. Yet, at a time when they should be focused on their health, quality of life and spending time with loved ones, these individuals are often forced to consider how they are going to make ends meet. After all, a disabling condition can quickly lead to enormous medical expenses and prevent an individual from working and earning a wage.

As stressful as that can be, the good news is that those who suffer from a disability may be able to secure Social Security Disability benefits. Generally speaking, in order to qualify for SSD benefits, an individual's condition must last or be expected to last for at least 12 months, or result in death. Unfortunately, the SSD claims process can be long and drawn out, especially if a claim denial needs to be challenged. This is why it is important for disabled individuals to consider if they qualify for a "compassionate allowance."

Distracted driving is likely as bad as drunk driving

By now, virtually every driver realizes it is a bad idea to operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. After all, Wisconsin law allows for some serious penalties for operating a vehicle while impaired. While many drivers would never climb behind the wheel after drinking too much, motorists often make calls or send text messages. Unfortunately, distracted driving may be just as bad as drunk driving. 

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation estimates that a distracted driving accident occurs on state roadways approximately every 22 minutes. While stowing your phone every time you drive is a good way to stay safe, you cannot control the actions of other drivers. You can, however, understand when and how distracted driving accidents tend to occur. 

Personal injury legal protections for truck accident victims

Truck accidents can result in serious pain and injuries for victims. Because of this unfortunate reality, it is important for truck accident victims to be able to protect themselves through the personal injury process which can help the with their physical, financial and emotional damages suffered in a truck accident.

Truck accidents can be more severe because of the size disparity between semi-trucks and passenger vehicles. A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh 25 times more than the average passenger vehicle which can pose a risk to occupants of passenger vehicles on the roadways.

How much will my brain injury cost?

Brain injuries are costly in many ways. For brain injury victims, it is important for them to understand what the physical, financial and emotional costs will be and what their true losses will amount to.

Brain injuries are one type of catastrophic injury that are not uncommon for car accident victims to suffer. When a car accident victim has suffered a traumatic brain injury, they are looking at a significant disruption to their life, which may require costly medical treatment, time away from work to recover and emotional harm. The impact of a brain injury can also be life-long. The estimated cost of a brain injury ranges from $600,000 to $1.875 million over a lifetime.

Social Security disability appeals basics

Social Security disability is an important resource for disabled individuals to be familiar with because the benefits they can apply for may be able to help with their daily needs. Because most applications for Social Security disability benefits are initially denied, it is also important to be familiar with the Social Security disability appeals process.

Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits is based on a qualifying disability and work history. The disabled applicant must have the necessary work history credits to qualify and must also suffer from a disabling medical condition that is severe enough that it prevents them from working. In addition, the disabling medical condition must be expected to last for 12 months or longer or result in death.

Relief for victims of slip-and-fall accidents

An unexpected slip-and-fall accident can leave the victim with unexpected, and serious, injuries they may have to suffer with for the rest of their lives. It is important to know that personal injury legal resources are on the victim's side to help with the physical, financial and emotional damages they have suffered when they have been harmed in a slip-and-fall accident.

Slip-and-fall accidents can involve spilled liquids in a store or other location; cracked pavement; uneven or broken steps; icy steps; potholes; unseen obstacles or debris; elevators that are not correctly leveled and in other settings and locations as well. Slip-and-fall accident injuries can include a variety of serious injuries victims may suffer. Victims may find they need help with medical bills they were not prepared for, as well as time away from work recovering, and emotional damages they may endure as a result of all of it.

School zones can be dangerous places for teens

As summer slowly draws to a conclusion, teenagers across Wisconsin prepare for their first days back in the classroom. To get to school, some kids ride with their parents or an experienced bus driver, while others walk. Even though school zones may be safer than other areas, they can also be dangerous. 

In 2015, a nonprofit organization called Safe Kids Worldwide studied school zones. The organization’s findings are alarming. While children between the ages of 15 and 19 represent only about a quarter of the total number of children in the United States, they account for roughly half of youth pedestrian fatalities. Some of these fatalities, of course, occur in school zones. 

Dangers at swimming pools include more than drowning

During these warmer and even downright hot summer months, many residents of Northeast Wisconsin may choose to cool off and have some fun by visiting a swimming pool or a water park. Many aquatic facilities have lots of slides, toys and other fun things for people of all ages to enjoy.

As many can probably guess just by reading some of the warning signs that are posted at pools and water parks, there are a lot of dangers associated with these places that can turn a fun time into a tragic and life-changing nightmare.

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