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Northeast Wisconsin Personal Injury And Social Security Disability Blog

Many truckers legally must rest to prevent driver fatigue

Anyone who has observed a driver who is attempting to operate a vehicle on too little sleep knows how dangerous this practice can be. In some cases, a fatigued driver can resemble a drunk or drugged driver travelling down the highway, as both types of drivers operate erratically enough to cause serious accidents.

Fatigued driving is particularly dangerous when it comes to operators of large trucks, as semitruck accident injuries can be especially devastating given the size difference between a big rig and a private passenger vehicle.

What medical evidence is needed for Social Security Disability?

When residents of Northeast Wisconsin are injured, ill or have a condition that prevents them from working, they can apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. To get an approval from the Social Security Administration (SSA), there is certain information that must be provided. Ensuring that the evidence is sufficient is one of the foundational aspects of a case. Medical evidence is key to being approved. Before moving forward with a case, having this medical evidence is vital.

When the person has been treated for the condition, the SSA will request medical evidence. That will include the medical records, reports from medical professionals who have given treatment and test results. These will be integral to a case. Any information that affects the person's ability to work will be needed. If an applicant has these records, the SSA will not need to request them from the various sources that provided the treatment. An applicant who has these records will have the process move faster than one who does not. For people who have not gotten treatment or there is a lack of evidence regarding the condition, the SSA will request that the person have the examination. The SSA will pay for it.

Distracted drivers put your life at risk

Drinking and driving is not the only dangerous behavior that is causing injuries and fatalities. Another irresponsible habit is distracted driving. When motorists give in to distractions, they put your life at risk. 

Distractions divert the attention of drivers from the act of driving, which can easily result in a crash. Get the facts so you can know the risks and be ready to take legal action if a distracted motorist injures you. 

Motorcyclist suffers car accident injuries due to drunk driver

Northeast Wisconsin motorcyclists are in danger of being injured or losing their lives in a crash simply due to their inherent vulnerability. When they encounter other vehicles that are being operated recklessly, negligently or by a driver who is under the influence, the danger is enhanced. Since there can be severe injuries and loss of life with a motorcycle crash, the victim and family left behind must consider their options to move forward with a legal filing for compensation.

A motorcyclist suffered significant injuries when he was rear-ended by an alleged drunk driver. The driver then ran over the motorcyclist as he backed up. The accident happened at approximately 11 p.m. The driver of a red Cadillac hit the back of the black Harley-Davidson. After hitting the bike, the driver reversed course and ran over the biker. He was pinned under the vehicle. Once he was freed, he was taken to the hospital.

What is a trial work period for Social Security Disability?

Not every Northeast Wisconsin resident who seeks or is already getting Social Security Disability benefits needs them permanently. Some will want to try and get back to work. However, there is an understandable concern that working will mean the Social Security Disability benefits will stop and, if the person finds that he or she cannot keep working, they think will not be able to get the benefits again. Fortunately, there are work incentives offered so a person can try to work and receive benefits if they cannot. This post will discuss the trial work period.

There is a trial work period that the person can use. With this, he or she can see if they are able to work for at least nine months. In that time-period, the benefits will still be paid independent of how much is earned from work. It is important that the person reports to work and still has the disability that warranted the approval for benefits.

DUI's and speeding lead to crashes and car accident injuries

Speeding is a major factor in the severity of car accident injuries in Sheboygan and throughout Northeast Wisconsin. When a vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed and there is a crash, the likelihood is that there will be substantial damage and major injuries. The investigation is vital to understanding exactly what happened and why. This is especially important when the injuries require hospitalization and medical treatment or even lead to a fatality.

A multi-vehicle accident at around 6:30 a.m. caused one driver to suffer from a brain bleed and was due to another driver speeding. The investigation shows that a 20-year-old driving a silver vehicle caused the early morning accident. The man stated that he was speeding because he was hearing a voice exhorting him to "go faster." A law enforcement officer had spotted the vehicle speeding and then heard the accident. There were three vehicles in the accident, in addition to the silver vehicle.

What if my Social Security Disability is being reviewed?

For residents of Northeast Wisconsin who are getting Social Security Disability benefits, receiving a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that the case is going to have a medical review can be a scary occurrence. Knowing the details of this process is imperative as the benefits can be stopped, if the SSA believes it is warranted.

The SSA will take certain steps to determine of the person still meets the criteria to get benefits. The medical condition will be reviewed in this process. If the person's medical issues or condition has not improved and the disability prevents the ability to work, the benefits will continue.

Most drunk drivers do not know how much is too much

If you are the victim in a car crash caused by a drunk driver, you may sustain injuries that could possibly change your life. You are not only concerned but enraged. What was this person thinking? Why did he get behind the wheel?

The truth is, many people think that driving after enjoying a couple of drinks is no big deal. However, did you know that body weight and gender play a big role in the level of intoxication?

Semitruck accident injuries stem from speeding and other issues

Northeast Wisconsin residents will be fully aware that large trucks can be dangerous. These vehicles are common on the roads and while they perform an important service of transporting goods across the nation, there is no denying how much damage they can do when there is a truck crash. Those who suffer semitruck accident injuries can face long recovery time and permanent damage. Families can be left without a loved one after a crash with one of these large vehicles. While most truckers operate their vehicles in a safe manner and follow all the rules of the road, there are many who do not. Studies examine the risk these vehicles carry with them and new results indicate that several factors are present lending to the damage they can do.

SmartDrive Systems collected data of truckers and formulated its SmartIQ Speeding Drivers Snapshot for Truckers. Its goal is to assess the link between truckers who speed and other dangerous behaviors. According to the data, truckers who speed were 45 percent likelier to be in a near crash. They were 54 percent likelier to go over the center line of the road or cross the median. And they were three times likelier to follow other vehicles at an unsafe distance.

Car accident injuries and death in hit-and-runs a growing issue

There is a rising concern over the number of hit-and-run accidents in Wisconsin and across the U.S. Anecdotal evidence is saying that there have been many such crashes in Milwaukee and in other areas of the state. Since 2013, in Milwaukee alone, there has been a consistent rise in the number of accidents overall and the percentage of those accidents that are hit-and-runs. 24 percent of accidents were hit-and-runs in 2013. By the end of 2017, that had grown to 29 percent.

These numbers are bolstered by a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety that details the nationwide epidemic of hit-and-run crashes. In 2016, there were 2,049 fatalities in hit-and-run accidents in the U.S. That is an increase of 60 percent from 2009 and is also the most ever recorded. 65 percent of people who died in a hit-and-run were on a bicycle or were pedestrians. The executive director of the foundation expressed concerns over the trend of these kinds of crashes.

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