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How much money can I get in Social Security disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | SSDI |

Any worker at any age can come down with a permanent medical disability or sustain a debilitating injury that can prevent them from ever working again. Sadly, these situations surface. And anyone who finds themselves facing such an experience will have numerous questions and numerous worries. Among the main ones: How will I financially provide for my family?

Since you are unable to work, you likely qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. But will these benefits be enough to provide the money your family needs? And how much will you receive? The general answer is that the monthly SSD benefit you get will be slightly less than what you would receive had you worked until your expected full retirement age.

Average amount: $1,258 in December 2019

The Social Security Administration’s recent annual statistical report — released in October 2019 – disclosed that U.S. workers who obtained SSD benefits received nearly $1,258 per month. Here is a summary by age, sex and amount regarding SSD benefits received by disabled workers in December 2019:

  • Under 25: $680, men; $663, women
  • Ages 25 to 29: $787, men; $771, women
  • Ages 30 to 34: $910, men; $864, women
  • Ages 35 to 39: $1,016, men; $959, women
  • Ages 40 to 44: $1,113, men; $1,029, women
  • Ages 45 to 49: $1,216, men; $1,075, women
  • Ages 50 to 54: $1,310, men; $1,108, women
  • Ages 55 to 59: $1,422, men; $1,145, women
  • Ages 60 to 64: $1,553, men; $1,196, women
  • Ages 65 and older: $1,609, men; $1,218, women

Focusing on your health remains your priority now that you can no longer be able to work. Understand that SSD benefits are available as long as you qualify for them. And that you will gain some peace of mind knowing that you will be able to provide some financial help to your family.