Manitowoc, Green Bay and Sheboygan Personal Injury Lawyers

Some of the most challenging and emotionally daunting tasks coincide with legal action. When you should be caring for your own health and well-being, you instead are burdened by an opposing party in a lawsuit or divorce.

Having an attorney who understands both your legal and personal challenges can help you move forward on your path to recovery. At Alpert & Fellows, L.L.P., we can be the advocates for you.

We believe in hands-on service and personal representation. When you consult with us, you'll get a response back from an actual attorney. Contact our Manitowoc, Green Bay, and Sheboygan personal injury and family law attorneys online or call 866-376-8603 to schedule your initial consultation.

Our firm serves personal injury and family law clients throughout Manitowoc, Green Bay and the Sheboygan. We have more than 35 years of experience behind us, and as a result, we have an intimate understanding of the challenges faced in these cases. We work diligently to shoulder our clients' legal burdens so they can focus their attention on more important personal matters.

Compassionate Personal Injury Representation

Whether you or a loved one, including your child, was injured in an auto accident or by another negligent act, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you recover money for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering or wrongful death. Working on a contingency basis, we receive no attorney's fees unless you win or settle your case, giving you the peace of mind you need throughout the difficult recovery process.

Experienced in negotiation and personal injury litigation, our lawyers will work to get you a satisfactory settlement as quickly as possible. Whether the insurance companies want to settle out of court or your case needs to be decided by a judge or jury, we aren't afraid to fight for your rights. We won't rest until you receive full compensation for your injuries.

Skilled Guidance Through Family Matters in Wisconsin

You can rely on our experienced family lawyers to represent you through all legal concerns you may have, including divorce concerns, child custody issues and all support matters. Do not hesitate to speak with a knowledgeable attorney regarding your legal needs.

Talk to a Manitowoc, Green Bay, and Sheboygan Truck and Car Accident Attorney

Don't let the legal issues relating to your personal injury case overwhelm you. Contact our Wisconsin personal injury and family law office online or call 866-376-8603 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and how we can help you on your path to recovery from your injuries. We'll even come to you at home or in the hospital to make your personal injury proceedings as painless as possible.