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Why what you do after a car accident matters

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Car Accident Injuries |

If you experienced a car accident that left you with injuries and damage to your personal property, you understand how traumatic and overwhelming this experience can be. You could be unsure of what to do next and what steps you need to take in order to start picking up the pieces and moving forward. It is important to know what to do after a car accident so that you will be able to protect your interests and lay the groundwork in case you decide to move forward with a civil claim.

What happens in the moments, days and weeks after a vehicle accident matters. It can have a direct effect on any civil claim if you choose to pursue one. It is prudent to be intentional about what you say and do going forward, starting in the immediate aftermath of the accident. If you are suffering because of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, following the appropriate course of action can help you recoup your losses and secure damages.

What’s next?

The immediate aftermath of a car accident can be shocking, especially if you are dealing with painful injuries. If you are able to do so, the following steps may prove beneficial while you are still at the scene of the crash:

  • Document the crash as well as you can, including taking pictures of the damage to the cars and other important details.
  • Get the contact information for other people involved in the accident, including other passengers or people who witnessed what happened.
  • Call for emergency help, and provide assistance to others as you are able. Try not to disturb the accident scene while you wait.

After the accident, you will need to seek medical treatment in order to fully understand the scope of your injuries. In the days and weeks following a crash, the following steps may be helpful:

  • Keep track of any medical treatment you required, including saving documentation like medical bills and more.
  • Follow carefully any directions given to you by your doctor.
  • Don’t speak about the accident publicly or agree to any settlement offer from the insurance company without knowing your options.

Think long-term

What happens after a car accident can impact you for years to come. If you believe filing a civil claim could be in your interests, quick action is critical for your success. These types of claims are time-sensitive, and acting promptly can ensure you have the evidence you need for a successful claim in the Wisconsin civil justice system.