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Thorough Assistance With Third-Party Liability Claims

Not all accidents that happen on the job are the fault of the employee or the employer. Sometimes, an accident is caused by a third party, such as an employee of a different company, a product manufacturer or even a random individual.

Serving injured workers throughout northeast Wisconsin, the law firm of Alpert & Fellows, is a name you can trust to guide you through the legal complexities of third-party liability and personal injury law.

With offices in Manitowoc, Green Bay and Sheboygan, our attorneys have more than seven decades of combined experience helping injury victims find the compensation they need to move forward with life.

I Already Have Workers’ Comp Benefits, So Why File A Personal Injury Claim?

Most work injuries should be covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, which provides a streamlined process for receiving basic medical and lost wage benefits. However, workers’ compensation does not provide compensation for pain and suffering or other damages to which you may be entitled.

If you were hurt at work in an accident involving a third party, talk to our firm to learn how you may be able to pursue personal injury compensation in addition to workers’ compensation.

Examples Of Third-Party Liability Cases

Third-party liability claims can arise for many different reasons. A few examples include:

  • While on a construction site, a subcontractor from one company accidentally injures a subcontractor from a different company
  • An employee is driving a company vehicle as part of his/her job when he/she is involved in a motor vehicle wreck with a negligent driver
  • A worker is injured by a defective product such as poorly designed machinery or faulty wiring

It Costs You Nothing To Consult Our Attorneys

If you believe your injuries may have been caused by an employee or subcontractor of a different company or by a negligent product manufacturer, contact Alpert & Fellows, for a free initial consultation about your case.

Call 866-376-8603 or send us an email. If you are unable to travel to our Manitowoc, Green Bay or Sheboygan offices, our lawyers can come to you.