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Skilled Representation For Dog Bite And Animal Attack Injuries

When a person sustains a dog bite injury, physical and emotional pain can result. This is particularly true if a child has been bitten.

With help from the experienced lawyers at Alpert & Fellows, you can obtain the compensation you need to address the physical and emotional aftermath of a dog bite or animal attack.

Founded in 1976, Alpert & Fellows, is dedicated to providing vigorous advocacy to injured people in Manitowoc, Green Bay, Sheboygan and throughout northeast Wisconsin. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, call our firm at 866-376-8603 and schedule your free initial consultation.

Wisconsin Is A Strict Liability State

Our firm has comprehensive knowledge of the dog bite laws that affect our clients. In Wisconsin, a pet owner is responsible for his or her dog. There are no “one free bite” laws. This means if a dog bites a person, the pet owner is held responsible for the pet’s behavior. If this pet has bitten in the past, additional penalties or damages may be involved in the claim.

Was Your Child Bitten By A Dog?

Children can suffer the most from dog bite injuries. Our attorneys make every effort to gain a clear understanding of the future implications of your child’s current injuries.

For example, scarring and disfigurement can result in physical difficulties. Surgery may not be an option until the child is older due to the face’s changing structure as the child grows. Perhaps even more troubling for children and parents is the associated emotional traumas.

In addition to future medical care, our firm will consider any counseling or mental health issues that arise. Our firm is committed to obtaining the full compensation your child deserves for the injuries.

Attorneys You Can Trust

Alpert & Fellows, will handle your dog bite claim with care and experience. Call us at 866-376-8603 and schedule your free initial consultation. You may also contact our firm online and someone will be in touch with you promptly.