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Do you know what to do if an uninsured motorist hits you?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Semitruck Accident Injuries |

Few events can ruin your day faster than an automobile collision. If the driver who hits you does not have insurance, however, your bad day becomes even worse. Because Wisconsin law does not specifically require motorists to carry liability insurance, you must have a plan for coping with an accident involving an uninsured driver. 

Following any automobile accident, you must act quickly to protect yourself, recover from injuries and assert your legal rights. As such, always obtain the other driver’s name and insurance information. Also, seek medical treatment to be certain you minimize long-term health consequences. When the driver does not have insurance coverage, you must also do four other things. 

1. Call the police 

When a motorist causes an accident, he or she may want to resolve the incident without contacting the police. After all, receiving a citation can cause insurance rates to rise. It may also lead to a suspension of driving privileges. When the motorist does not have liability coverage, calling law enforcement officers to the scene becomes increasingly important. Officers can help you document the accident and assign fault. 

2. Reject cash offerings 

Uninsured motorists may want to give you cash at the accident scene. Because you cannot assess your damages or measure your injuries without professional assistance, you are in no place to entertain settlement offers. Therefore, you should not accept cash or other payments from the driver. 

3. Seek follow-up care 

You may think you feel fine after an automobile accident. When your adrenaline levels return to normal, however, you may realize you have pain. Accordingly, always seek medical treatment after an accident. Then, be sure to follow physician recommendations regarding ongoing care. Not only can doctors find hidden injuries, they can help you better document the accident. 

4. Take some photographs 

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you need to take legal action to receive compensation for your injuries, you want to have as much information about the accident as possible. Therefore, take photographs of the accident scene. Try to document property damage, injuries, roadways, signage and other relevant items. Then, ask witnesses for their contact information. 

If you are fortunate, you may never swap paint with an uninsured motorist. Even with careful driving, though, you may not be able to eliminate your chances of a collision. By understanding how to act after an automobile accident involving an uninsured motorist, you may boost your chances of fully recovering.