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Severe burns are expensive and painful

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Catastrophic Injuries |

One type of catastrophic injury that Northeast Wisconsin residents may suffer because of another person’s negligence is a severe burn.

There have been remarkable advances in the world of medicine when it comes to treating wounds for burns. For instance, 40 years ago, a person whose body was more than 20 percent burned had a high likelihood of dying. Now, the overall fatality rate is half what was a generation ago, and even victims with their bodies 90 percent covered in burns can survive.

Overall, fewer people are also visiting hospitals and emergency rooms with burn injuries.

However, there are still thousands of people, many of whom are young children, who suffer from burns that are severe enough to require treatment. These treatments may involve skin grafting and other painful procedures. In some cases, the treatment may involve having to help the victim breathe normally and thus survive.

Treatment of burns is also very expensive. All in all, people incur billions of dollars in treating burns, and the final outcome is not always ideal. Many people, for instance, have to stay in hospitals for a long time, while others may be sent home, but only under the care of a medical professional.

A lot of burns happen as the direct result of a motor vehicle accident, as the components of a car tend to get very hot. Many other burn injuries happen when a car catches fire following an accident. Sadly, the victims of these accidents are often not the ones at fault or in any way responsible for their injuries.

Particularly if it follows a motor vehicle accident with a negligent driver, Wisconsin burn victims have legal options for recovering compensation that they will no doubt need for their medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitation expenses. A Northeast Wisconsin law firm handling catastrophic injuries claims can be of valuable assistance in this respect.