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One dead, one seriously injured in head-on collision

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Car Accident Injuries |

A head-on collision in Northeast Wisconsin left one man dead and another man seriously injured.

The accident happened around the time of the morning commute, and police do not suspect that drugs or alcohol were involved.

According to authorities investigating the accident, one motorist was driving south on a state highway. For reasons that authorities are still investigating, the man crossed the center line and went into the lane of the northbound traffic. Unfortunately, he hit a truck, presumably a pickup, that was also hauling a trailer.

The man who had crossed the center line died at the scene of the accident, and the man hauling the trailer had to be life-flighted to a hospital. Police described the injuries of the man who survived as serious.

While of course the primary focus right now should be on recovery, the injured man and his family will likely have to think about how they are going to pay for this unexpected turn in their lives. The injured man will no doubt have very significant medical bills. Moreover, he may have been working at the time of the accident and could now have no way to support either himself or those who rely on him.

There may be some question as to whether the man can collect compensation in this case since the driver who seems to have been responsible for the accident died. The man can pursue compensation by filing an appropriate case against the estate of the deceased and, if insurance is available, by claiming against the deceased’s insurance company. Having Northeast Wisconsin car accident injury attorneys help with this process can be a means of ensuring that the man gets the compensation to which he is entitled.