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What is a trial work period for Social Security Disability?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

Not every Northeast Wisconsin resident who seeks or is already getting Social Security Disability benefits needs them permanently. Some will want to try and get back to work. However, there is an understandable concern that working will mean the Social Security Disability benefits will stop and, if the person finds that he or she cannot keep working, they think will not be able to get the benefits again. Fortunately, there are work incentives offered so a person can try to work and receive benefits if they cannot. This post will discuss the trial work period.

There is a trial work period that the person can use. With this, he or she can see if they are able to work for at least nine months. In that time-period, the benefits will still be paid independent of how much is earned from work. It is important that the person reports to work and still has the disability that warranted the approval for benefits.

For 2018, any month in which the person earns more than $850 will be a trial work month. Those who are self-employed will have a trial work month when they earn more than $850 after business costs or work more than 80 hours in that month. Once nine months have been used within 60 months, the trial work period is over.

Whether the person is working for someone else and wants to try to get back into the workforce but is worried about the Social Security benefits or is starting a business and does not know how that will affect the benefits, understanding the trial work period is critical. When there is an issue with the trial work period, the Social Security Administration does not allow the person to restart their benefits if they cannot work, there is a dispute over how much the person was paid, or any other problem, having help from a law firm that specializes in Social Security Disability is key. Northeast Wisconsin Social Security Disability attorneys can help.