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DUI’s and speeding lead to crashes and car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Car Accident Injuries |

Speeding is a major factor in the severity of car accident injuries in Sheboygan and throughout Northeast Wisconsin. When a vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed and there is a crash, the likelihood is that there will be substantial damage and major injuries. The investigation is vital to understanding exactly what happened and why. This is especially important when the injuries require hospitalization and medical treatment or even lead to a fatality.

A multi-vehicle accident at around 6:30 a.m. caused one driver to suffer from a brain bleed and was due to another driver speeding. The investigation shows that a 20-year-old driving a silver vehicle caused the early morning accident. The man stated that he was speeding because he was hearing a voice exhorting him to “go faster.” A law enforcement officer had spotted the vehicle speeding and then heard the accident. There were three vehicles in the accident, in addition to the silver vehicle.

A red vehicle flipped completely over. A cement truck had flipped onto its side. And, another vehicle was hit on its side. It was the operator of the red vehicle who had the brain bleed. No one else was hurt.

The driver of the silver vehicle was helped by good Samaritans and removed from the car. It was on fire. Witnesses stated that the silver vehicle was going close to 100-mph. The speed limit in the area is 25-mph. As they investigated, officers found that the driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs in a binge that had begun the night before. He is facing multiple charges due to this accident.

When there is an auto accident, the circumstances of the case are vital when seeking compensation for lost wages, medical treatment, long-term care and more. In a case where the driver who allegedly caused the crash was under the influence and made odd statements implicating him or herself, this can be critical to a legal filing. The driver who suffered a brain bleed in this accident should know that any brain injury can have long-term consequences and might require medical treatment that lasts years. The person’s entire life can be upended. A lawsuit for compensation can help to cover those costs. Contacting Northeast Wisconsin car accident injury attorneys can give advice and guidance in pursuing a claim.