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Social Security Disability and inflammatory arthritis

At one time or another, nearly all of us have been struck by an unexpected injury or illness. For some of us, recovering from these conditions is relatively easy given their minor nature. For others, a medical condition can befall them that is so severe that it leaves them disabled. While these conditions may be painful, affect a person's ability to carry out daily tasks and even decrease a person's life expectancy, they can also wreak havoc on an individual's financial well-being. This is because a disabling medical condition often leaves an individual unable to work during a time when medical expenses quickly mount. Fortunately, individuals who find themselves in this situation may be able to find relief through the Social Security Disability system. However, before benefits can be obtained, specific requirements about the medical condition must be met.

Inflammatory arthritis is an example of a potentially disabling condition. An individual can qualify for disability benefits with this condition in one of four ways. The first way is to show ongoing inflammation or deformity in at least one weight-bearing joint or the joint of an upper extremity that limits a person's ability to walk or utilize fine motor skills. The second way is to show inflammation in a joint that involves at least two organs with at least two major symptoms, such as fever and severe fatigue.

The third way to qualify for SSD benefits with inflammatory arthritis is to show a certain type of ankylosis or spondyloarthropathies. The last way is to simply show chronic recurrence of inflammation with at least two major symptoms, like those mentioned above, along with limitation to daily activity, social functioning or the ability to appropriately concentrate.

Social Security Disability benefits can prove to be a financial lifesaver for those who are unable to work on account of their medical condition. But, succeeding on a disability claim isn't always easy. In fact, many initial claims are denied for a variety of reasons. Those who want to maximize their chances of succeeding on one of these claims may want to get more information about their own unique medical condition.

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