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Experienced Guidance From a Wisconsin Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

There are many factors that a court will look to when determining spousal maintenance (formerly called alimony). These factors may include:

  • The length of your marriage
  • The health of the parties involved
  • The education levels of each party
  • The income of the parties
  • The age of the parties

Our family law attorneys will sit down with you and explain how each of these factors will affect the outcome of your case. We will then prepare a detailed case to present to the court in order to ensure you receive a support order that protects your interests.

How Do I Modify My Current Spousal Support/Maintenance Award?

Have you had a significant change in your circumstances? Courts are willing to modify support awards if either you or the other party involved has had a change in income, suffered a serious injury or if other events have occurred as well. We will analyze your situation and help you to determine if we should petition the courts for a modification of your spousal support award.

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