When You Are in an Accident

1. TALK TO NO ONE - Do not talk to anyone about your injuries until you have consulted an experienced personal injury attorney.

2. TREATMENT - Return to your doctor or chiropractor as often as necessary and always tell him/her about all of your complaints.

3. WITNESSES - Write down names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all witnesses.

4. REPAIRS - Do not have your vehicle or any other object that was involved in the accident repaired or destroyed until an attorney has had an opportunity to have it inspected and photographed.

5. CITATION, FINES, OR DISCIPLINARY ACTION - Do not appear in court or give written or recorded statements to anyone without first contacting a personal injury attorney. The reason for this is to be sure you do not prejudice yourself in the action as relates to your injury.

6. EVIDENCE - Keep anything that may be considered evidence until your attorney has had an opportunity to examine it. If your injury requires a cast, brace, traction, or other appliance, save it for evidence.

7. RECORDS - Keep accurate records of the following:

a. Lost work time and wages.
b. Doctor, chiropractor and prescription drug bills.
c. Other expenses resulting from your injury.
d. Complaints of pain and injury.
e. Travel expense.

8. BILLS - Have your own insurance company pay as many hospital, doctor and chiropractor bills as possible.

9. QUESTIONS - If you have any questions, contact an attorney who is experienced in the field of personal injury for advice rather than relying on what someone else tells you.